We are located in West Central Nevada on the Walker River Paiute Indian Reservation in Schurz, Nevada
The photo below is at an intersection of U.S. Highway 95 & 95 Alternate. The building is situated right by the intersection.
Stop by on your way to Vegas or Reno,
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9:00am - 7:00pm Through the 4th of July.

Currently we are operating next door to the Rock Chuck Building, please stop by or email if you have questions.
Welcome to
Thunder Cloud
We sell: Firecrackers, Bottle Rockets,Roman Candles, Sparklers,Fountains, Multi-Shots, Artillery Shells, Novelties and different varieties of family Pack Assortments.
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We are in this Office Trailer (Photo Below) this year, lots
of Blackcat Fireworks, come by soon the
selections are plenty now.